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Ethnic jewels in solid silver

Ethnic jewels in solid silver


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The little jewellery merchant is part of a travel !


Here no multinationals, only the love of travel to start with and of course the most important thing: meetings with Creators, craftsmen, families, couples, retirees or even entire ethnic groups who have given me the desire to share their work.


My 925 silver jewellery represents each of my encounters, each of my travels since 2010, the goal and to avoid intermediaries and work directly with craftsmen.


You may have already met me at the southwestern markets in the Landes (from April to September) but I travel to different events all over France for fairs, festivals, medievals, markets, night markets, tattoo conventions and sometimes even in shopping malls where I offer you the crafts of my trips.


I had the opportunity to open my ephemeral shop for the summer of 2019 in Moliets and Maa.


My jewellery is unique, rare or limited, the pieces are made by artists who deserve to evolve. Noble materials are used to produce these jewels. 925 silver resists time and trends, gems are semi-precious and precious for some and chosen with care. 


On this site, a small range of what I sell on my stand or in my shop, with unique pieces it is difficult for me to put all online. But don't hesitate to contact me for any information or other articles because I have many others that are not online.



Because of this diversity, the jewellery has its own style, and is totally different from a traditional jewellery store. 925 silver handcrafted jewellery that can be original, modern or ethnic, chic and authentic, necessarily handcrafted! different methods used :


- silver 925 Hammered

- silver 925 watermarked

- 925 silver braided

- 925 silver brushed

- silver 925 set

- silver925 surrounded


The origin of my solid silver jewellery: Laos, Mexico, India, Thailand, Guatemala, American Indian, Indonesia, Australia, Morocco.


Découvrez notre boutique de crânes mexicains :

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