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All products for men and women are made of surgical steel or stainless steel, which is known to be anti-allergy, stainless and unbreakable, very resistant and very durable over time. They all come from Thailand when I travel there.

The entire women's collection and a mix of small pearls and small stainless steel motifs threaded on waxed cotton. Waxed cotton is used to strengthen cotton.

All the bags put online on the site come from a collaboration with a small brand registered in France: Macha which has existed for 12 years. The concept is to create, imagine, design, choose fabrics and work directly with an independent women's cooperative in India that manufactures handbags.

Most handbags or shoulder bags have a mixture of noble materials and bright colours. We use leather, cotton or burlap. The bags are all lined with cotton or jute canvas inside and have small pockets in front, back and inside the bag.

All the leather belts put in line are entirely handmade in Thailand, made by a family who work with buffalo leather by hand. They all have practical pockets with zippers.

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